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Meet Our Pros

Okay, so we're not that cool. We spend more time restoring hard drives and zapping PRAM than honing our social skills. We strive for digital enlightenment and prefer evenings alone with our computers. It's creepy but it works out well for our customers who rely on us for the kind of quality Macintosh sales and service help that you just can't get online or at the big electronics superstores.

We're the Apple Premier Partner in town and proud of it. We're also proud of our many Apple certifications, and the top rankings we consistently score on Apple's website with regard to Apple product expertise among resellers in South Dakota. We truly are "the store that knows Macs."

Our secret sauce, the Mac pros:

Gary Rensch

Figures out the answer to the question, “How Can We Do Better?”

Gary took his degree in English straight to the printing industry where he worked as a copy editor and page layout apprentice on the earliest Apple "desktop publishing" equipment. It was the late 1980s, the stone age of digital prepress. But he was on a Mac even then, and it was the beginning of a revolution. In 1994 Gary started Electronic Publishing Services (EPS) a home business that specialized in Macintosh sales and services for graphics professionals. Today Gary is the proud and involved owner/president of Mac Pros, Inc. providing the vision and direction for the company, handling all media advertising, and of course putting out fires around our busy offices. Most recently Gary has been involved in remodeling the store interior to facilitate our services and provide the best possible Apple retail experience to our customers. Some things never change, however. Gary still takes care of his graphics and prepress clientele providing knowledgeable sales help and expert onsite services. Gary's favorite Mac hobby is creating heart-melting music videos for his special friends and family.

Allen Newman

Store Manager

You know the kind of guy who, when he hears an annoying hum emanating from his computer proceeds to create a corresponding frequency canceling waveform and takes care of the problem? That's Allen, and he really did that once. Oddly enough, he's not our best technician. But nobody holds that against him as Allen takes care of lots of details around the office. He's the Swiss Army Knife of Mac Pros, handling everything from "the books" to store graphics to purchasing to you name it. Did I mention he's a walking encyclopedia of useful Apple knowledge? Allen's favorite Mac hobby is using a Mac mini as a media center.

Richard Rensch

Training Coordinator

Richard leads our classroom and one-on-one training. He's also in charge of our trade-in program and is the person to talk to to get a trade-in quote.

Weston Yager

Service Manager

  • Apple Certified Mac Technician
  • Apple Certified iOS Technician

Ronn Williams

Service Technician

  • Apple Certified Mac Technician
  • Apple Certified iOS Technician

Daniel Bergeson

Apple Master

Daniel is an Apple Specialist sales associate who is participating in the Apple Master program. As an Apple Master, Daniel is assigned select Apple products to use 24/7 and is trained to discover and share his own unique stories of how they enhance his life.

Zack King

Apple Specialist

Zack is an Apple Specialist sales associate.

Collin Newell

Apple Specialist

Collin is an Apple Specialist sales associate.

Brian Fettes

Apple Specialist

Brian is an Apple Specialist sales associate.

Trevor Paulsen

Apple Specialist

Trevor is an Apple Specialist sales associate.

Dustin Schnabel

I.T. Consulting, Troubleshooting and Training

When our business customers call on us to recommend and implement sophisticated Network solutions, or solve the most difficult Network problems, we rely on Dusty to make sure no stone is left unturned. Dustin obtained a Master's degree in Information Assurance & Computer Security from Dakota State University. Since then his responsibilities have included Security Consulting, Network Server Administration, Professional I.T. Services and Customer Support. At Mac Pros, his part-time gig, Dustin applies all these talents to our most demanding clientele. He calls up sophisticated UNIX command line code as effortlessly as most people talk about their favorite football team. Router issues? DNS weirdness? Security problems? Dusty plays god with all of it. You won't find an I.T. professional in South Dakota that can match Dusty's dexterity across multiple computer platforms from Mac OS to Linux to Windows. It's one more reason to be confident that Mac Pros can handle any client in the region no matter how large and sophisticated their I.T. infrastructure. Dusty's favorite Mac hobby is Video (Final Cut Pro) & Photography (Aperture).

Christopher Raymond

I.T. Consulting & Services, Web Development

Christopher is the owner of our Minneapolis-based partner MacWorks, a company that specializes in high-end server and storage solutions for the graphics market. He is a skilled Macintosh Computer service and repair professional and a dynamic web developer with nearly ten years of full-time experience in the field. Check out our awesome, one-of-a-kind Web iPod built with Flash technology. It functions just like a real iPod. Great job, Christopher! He is a member of the Apple Consultants Network. We rely on Christopher's expertise a lot around here. He's been a vital part of our outstanding service record with regard to high-end Prepress clientele. With his programming skills, thorough grasp of important LAN and Internet technologies, confident understanding of digital prepress issues, and an uncanny ability to quickly ascertain the source and solution of any Mac problem presented to him, Christopher is quite simply without equal in his field. Christopher's favorite Mac hobby is photography.